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Wyld Tribe

We are TRACY MCFIE & LARISSA O'NEILL Women of the Wyld Tribe, established in 2012.  We have been blessed to present at & attend many incredible festivals over the years.  We felt Perth needed a Conscious Women's Festival and decided that it would be us to bring the Vision into the grounded reality. 

Sistahood Rising is now in its 8th Year, with the Vision only growing each & every year. 

It is our work in the world to be the game changers, magick makers & the sacred liberators.  To tear down the walls that divide us, and open conscious commUNITY to unite us.  We believe that by standing TOGETHER we can be the change the world is waiting for & that change is NOW.

By supporting one another we can all thrive & by helping each other to live well

we set the example for all.

Women have a power that the world needs.

We believe that as women rise in sistahood TRULY standing side by side without competition, we shine a light for all humanity of what the new earth can be like.

This is our WORK IN THE WORLD, we do so in service to you, to our Sista’s & our Brothers, our Daughters, Sons & all those yet to come.



Tracy McFie

Meet Tracy McFie, the revolutionary co-founder of Sistahood Rising, an empowering movement rooted in the Wyld Tribe’s mission to ignite the wild and sacred spirit within every woman. Tracy's dedication to fostering a community of fierce, compassionate, and resilient women is evident through her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to personal and collective growth. At Sistahood Rising, she brings a blend of authentic connection, spiritual wisdom, and transformative experiences designed to help women reclaim their power and embrace their true selves.


  • Meditation & Holistic Life Coach (IMTTA)

  • Kundalini Dance Priestess

  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner

  • Certified Crystal Dreaming™️ Facilitator

  • Therapeutic Drumming Program Mental Health Support Facilitator

  • Certified Fitness Professional with over 20 years of experience

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher with 6 years of teaching experience

  • Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner

  • Chakradance™️ Practitioner

  • Experienced Ceremonialist

  • Studied Social Work, Politics & Sociology at James Cook University (Cairns QLD) and Curtin University (WA)

Larissa O'Neill

At Sistahood Rising, we believe in the power of community, transformation, and authentic connection. Larissa O'Neill, our co-founder, embodies this mission with her deep dedication to empowering women and fostering sacred spaces for growth and healing. With a compassionate heart and a visionary spirit, Larissa has created a haven where women can reconnect with their inner strength, embrace their true selves, and rise together. Her extensive experience and holistic approach make her a beacon of inspiration and guidance for all who seek to transcend their limitations and discover their fullest potential.

Larissa brings a wealth of expertise to Sistahood Rising, supported by a rich background in both personal and professional development. 

  • Event Manager & Logistics Co-Ordinator
  • Intuitive Soul Astrologer

  • SoulLife™️ Coach

  • SoulLife™️ Past Life Regression Facilitator

  • Certified Crystal Dreaming™ Facilitator
  • Certified Red Tent Facilitator
  • Mental Health First Aid & Physical Health First Aid Responder
  • Master Zen Matrix Alignment Practitioner
  • Graphic & Commercial Designer

Our Mission

To create a solid platform, based on grounded principles, spiritual ethics & professionalism.  While retaining the simple pleasures in life, quality experiences & the little details of genuine care,

for all who attend Sistahood Rising. 

This is the ignition point of change, we know our work can be life changing for many women, and we also know that we could reach an even further & far bigger community if we widened our circle & created a platform such as Sistahood Rising to showcase the incredible work on offer from Women all over Australia & beyond. 

The Priestesses, Healers, Mystics, Creators, Visionaries, Game Changers & Shenanigators, this is for you.

Sistahood Rising, is a gathering of the women, maidens & now babes in arms, as a place of deep soul nourishment, exploration of self & of true connections.

Circular Leadership™️ 

This new paradigm, calls for a shift from the hierarchal framework into the collective, circular leadership model.

Everyone's light shines in their unique resonance & it is when WE all shine our light, that commUNITY & humanity come into true harmonic resonance. 
We, Trace & Larissa, anchor Sistahood Rising, with deep reverence & groundedness, and we stand alongside phenomenal women, in their allness, sharing their gifts & self-mastery in service to you.

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