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Our 2023 Theme is

Myth, Moon & Magick

In the creation of our future, chaos prevails, separation & exclusion are the narratives within the distortion of our world.  No more waiting to be rescued, no knight in shining armour, to leave it up to 'others'.

It is You, it is Me, it is Us

It is within that you hold the rumblings of your destiny, your unique self, your truth. It is your sacred responsibility to be who you are, who you were born to be.

Just like the stars above, the sun & moon, they all shine in their own way & so do you.

You know we LOVE to Dress to Impress & this year is no exception!

Think, headdresses, sparkles, glitz & glamour, find YOUR unique flavour

Stars, Sun, Moon, the Zodiac & the Cosmos

Aries |
Taurus |
Gemini |
Cancer |
Leo |
Virgo |
Libra |
Scorpio |
Sagittarius |
Capricorn |
Aquarius |
Pisces |

The Pioneer, Wayshower, Initiator, Agitator

The Sensualist, Healer, Venusian, Goddess 

The Messenger, Muse, Student, Shapeshifter

The Nurturer, Mother, Psychic, Water Witch

The Queen, Protector, Performer, Creator

The Healer, Madien, Herbalist, Artisan

The Peacekeeper, Lover, Judge, Seeker

The Magician, Alchemist, Strategist, Dark Goddess

The Explorer, Philosopher, Wanderer, Freedom Seeker

The Boss Bitch, Teacher, Wise One, Inventor

The Rebel, Visionary, Cosmic Queen, Innovator

The Artist, Dreamer, Mystic, Mad one

Vision, Create, Explore... Pinterest

Use your Imagination Women... Pinterest, Esty, Op Shops. 

Gather your Sista's & make a day of it.  Feathers, Faux Fur, Sparkles & hot glue guns.
No doubt there will be a lots of laughter along the way.

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